Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Burning wood

I have this strange feeling that first hour of a new day lasts longer than any other.The work in my garden has finally started. The snow melted, it got warmer, I finally made a garden plan. Yesterday in the afternoon my parents came to clean the garden beds (remove the weeds) on their piece of land while Mr Ž and I did the same on our part of the garden. My dad burned dry grass and branches and it smelled just like in my youth when I was playing together with my mates and brother near our weekend house. Every weekend we went up there into the woods, where our "Green house" was, as we called it. The place was located under a giant spruce and under it we made small fire, cooked tea and played Indians. I almost never go there anymore. The spruce is gone by now but the smell of the wood being burned always brings back the memories of childhood.

The flowers on the photos are not of the ones I have in my garden, the bushes belong to my mum and her neighbors. I am thinking of planting some bushes in front of my house but it is such a hard decision. For me. All are beautiful, so how to choose?


13mimosa said...

I remember those smells from my childhood too - wonderful times. My girls love the garden but we just don't have the same space I had as a child.

Is the top an apple (or pear or plum) and the bottom a quince? I don't recognise the one in the middle.

Feeling better today, managed a slice of dry toast with Ella for dinner last night - just feeling shaky today, no work this week.


Pina said...

The top photo is a plum, I think, I will have to check it in the summer.

The second one is Viburnum × bodnantense 'Charles Lamont', so a kind of viburnum.

The third photo is Chaenomeles japonica / Maule's quince / Japanese flowering quince. Its fruits are edible but we had never used them. I will try to make some jam this autumn.