Monday, May 5, 2008

Things I saw

I am back from a short break. I have a feeling that I am even more tired than before. I wonder why. Here are some reflections from my wanderings around.

Park Tivoli in the city center. Alive, exhibition. I love it. About how we are destroying our blue planet. Some photos are available here. Beautiful.
Sveto, a little village in Slovenian Karst. Tourist farms open their door and you can eat and drink there. It is very cheap and very delicious. Excellent trip for romantic souls.I haven't slept in a youth hostel for almost 14 years. It was very cozy in this one two days ago. If you are ever traveling around Slovenia, I recommend it. It is located in a little village named Pliskovica. Young people run it, people with vision and energy to change things and make life easier for the natives.Food I was eating. The pasta is called 'fuži'. It is made with mushrooms. Mmm, delicious!I took shots of soooo many flowers! Here is one of them. Peony. Usually seen in our gardens. This time I took a photo of it it the wild wild nature. Couldn't stop admiring the color of the flowers.What I really liked when I was traveling around my little country was that everything was green. It is spring, my favorite time of the year. It is warm. It smells nice. It smells of life. I just wish my hands were not so shaky and that I had a better camera.


13mimosa said...

It looks like a lovely little break, everything is startlingly green. I love the look of that hostel, it reminds me of a place I stayed in northern quebec many years ago - they can be such an affirming experience. I also love the look of that meal! Nice to have you back x said...

What a lovely pink peony. Our peonies have tight-closed buds still, and we're looking forward to their showy display in another week or two.

That mushroom pasta looks delicious!