Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This afternoon

Some of the plants I wanted to have on my window shelves died while I was away on my vacation. The rest of them were crushed yesterday by one of the cats that occupy my garden. It is a warm and soft bed, I know.So, today I am going to one of the nurseries to get some new plants. I hope I will be luckier this time. I drew a plan this year because usually I buy too many plants and then I have no place to put them to. I have no fence on my balconies and I can't have them up there. Winds are sometimes too strong here during the summer and the pots might fall down.
In April I planted some strawberries in pots because usually those in my vegetable garden are eaten by snails and slugs. So, hopefully this pot thing is a good solution. Also tomatoes will grow in a huge pot this year. I got seeds from England and I hope I will be finally able to enjoy my own fruit before some disease gets them.I will have a noisy house until Friday. Hopefully then I will be able to live a normal life again, in peace. I am so fed up with these accidents that keep happening in my home that you can hardly imagine how psychically down I am. It's been a long time since I was in such a bad mood like yesterday. I won't repeat the words I shouted in my car while driving home. It is better today and I am really looking forward to spending the afternoon among all those colorful flowers. Life should be nice after all.

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