Monday, August 18, 2008

If they only lasted a bit longer

My days off work. The weather is playing games with me this year, today when I am back behind the screen, the sky is crystal blue. I was up there where you think that you can touch the sky.
I was planning to go up this mountain (Prisojnik). Ž forgot his walking boots and we ended in the hut below, eating this and later enjoying ourselves in a shadow. It was crowded, so crowded that I wished to go home. And I was angry and sad. It felt like a day lost.
A day later I went out there alone. It was a beautiful day. One you can only dream about. Like today's. No crowds, I met 10 people in whole day. And I had my walking boots with me. It was a pleasant walk, about 3,5 hours one way. Vrtača was the name of the mountain I was up to. My way up. On the left is Stol, the peak I was up to some days before.It was like a botanical garden up there, like if a gardener planted those wonderful alpine flowers. And I saw a giant whale. Can you see it too? :) I also visited grandparents. Two cousins came around too. I remember them being born and now they are grown up girls, one with a family of her own. How time flies. I picked some blackberries and experimented again. Sugar and blackberries - one day it will become a syrup, and jam. The jam is too sweet, but it was too late when I remembered that I should have put in honey instead of sugar. And only half of it...
Yesterday I was in a cloud. Most of the day. Up on Brana, one of the mountain peaks near Ljubljana. In spite of fog, it was a wonderful day. I enjoyed myself immensely. I have never been in more cozy hut before. I saw them again, the capricorns. Well, one of them. I thought it was a dream because I have never heard that they lived there too. Yet, there it was, lying peacefully on a rock. If you watch, you see.

"it is very simple,"

she thought.

"you go, you see,

you put one foot in front of the other

& along the way

you do your very

best to enjoy it."

Words found here.

4 comments: said...

You are so adventurous!

Blackberries are in season here, too. I've never tried making them into syrup and jam, only fruit desserts and sorbets. Maybe I will try your idea.

13mimosa said...

I wish I could join one of your climbs but I'd probably break the harmony of it, I tend to talk a lot although not when I'm puffing! So funny you mention that card, I saw on the goodness site (if that's where you found it) and thought that I should buy some of them because I so agree with the sentiment. YOU were actually someone who I thought woudl appreciate receiving one!

Eva said...

sorry your vacation is over...
I have never catched where do you work or what you do?

amy said...

beautiful! glad to find you.