Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mamma mia!

If you like watching movies, if you like songs by Abba, if you like to dance and sing, if you like some romance, then you have to see it - movie Mamma mia! Either you like it, either you don't. I laughed all the time and as I actually grew up listening to the songs by Abba, I sang all the time, too. Right, I still think that Pierce Brosnan looks much better when he is saying: "I am Bond. James Bond.", than when he is kissing Meryl Streep. It was a fun afternoon, meeting with a friend and enjoying the movie. Such moments are so precious because they are so rare and far between. I mean those, when you feel content each and every moment of a day.

Yesterday I was happy, I felt joy, I had smile on my face. All day long. It seemed like Tuesday afternoon continuing and merging into Wednesday. I was (yes!) in my beloved mountains again. Perhaps the last time this season. Shepherds were taking cattle back to the valley yesterday because bad weather is approaching and there might be some snow. Cows almost walked over me on that narrow path! Also blooming flowers are rare already, now there are mostly blue ones showing their colors. Beauties! Sheep are still on the pastures, they ran away when I approached them. They stay up there all summer long, eating delicious fresh grass and flowers. I spotted them up there on Tosc, 2275 m above sea level, grazing grass or searching for shadow because it was surprisingly hot. The view was fantastic! While looking around in pure amazement I found out that there are so many wonderful spots I still have to go to. I hope there won't be snow too early; it must be beautiful in the fall among those larch trees colored yellow. Ah, wishes and dreams! I feel renewed today and full of energy. And happy. That's what mountains do to me. Well, I must admit that I avoided that shepherd who wanted me to stay with him when I was there last time. I ate my sour milk and piece of bread at someone else's table. Mmm, it was delicious! And I waited for fresh milk, that warm one directly from the cow that smells of flowers and herbs.

Last days of summer seem to be nice ones. I think I do deserve some pampering after all. It feels like harvest time.

Photos: 1: Tosc, 2. Triglav from the peak of Tosc (that curved thing is a stamp), 3. Gentianella ciliata in Latin, resasti sviščevec in Slovenian, Franzen-Enzian in German, I haven't found its English name, 4. sour milk and piece of bread, my favorite food in the mountains.

4 comments: said...

Mamma Mia looks so good! I hadn't heard of it, but I'm going to see if it is still playing around here. Feel good movies are my favorite.

I've never had an opportunity to drink fresh, untreated cow's milk. The media always makes such a big deal about it having to be pasturized and homogenized, blah, blah, before being safe to drink, but I hope to try it fresh and natural like that some day.

Kari said...

I loved the movie Mamma Mia! I love the music (I have the soundtrack as well as the original ABBA songs on my ipod). The part of the movie where she is helping her daughter prepare for her wedding made me cry so much. It was such a fun movie to see.

Pina said...

Oh, I usually make sour milk out of fresh milk from the cow. Otherwise I cook it too, I guess because I was taught so.
I think that cooking it only up to 80 degrees C would be fine too and would kill all those germs that are supposedly bad for us. If possible I don't buy homogenized milk, I was told that it was not very healthy for our veins...

And yes, Mamma Mia was lots of fun! Right, it was a weird ending and lots of scenes that you would never see in real (the light of the moon reflecting so strong on the sea or stars so bright) but I loved it anyway.

13mimosa said...

When I read this post I realised anew how fit you must be - I bet you have strong legs. I haven't seen the movie, although I meant to go with my parents (Geoff is NOT an ABBA fan). When we were living in London and my parents came to visit - as a surprise for them I took them to the stage show of Mamma Mia, which we all loved and therefore wanted to do the movie together too, but we haven't managed it yet.