Monday, September 29, 2008

The remnants of the war

It was in September 2006 when I first visited this hill and I keep coming back each year. I thought of hiking to some higher mountain yesterday but the weather was too bad in the morning and I simply stayed at home. Until 2 pm when I was fed up with cooking and home errands. In 10 minutes I was ready to go and just some minutes before 4 I was below the most wonderful grassland I have ever seen. Možic. Again. Either it is the view, or maybe that grassland, or just the memory of that beautiful day two years ago, I don't know, it might be the mixture of all three that is drawing me to those places. The landscape is covered by bunkers/shelters from the 1. WW. How many young guys have to die up there for some stupid reason? I don't go into those long tunnels alone, it is too scary even with the torch. I was in there once, with Ž, he is braver than me. It was a beautiful afternoon, I waited up there on the hill until the sunset and was the last one to come down to the parking place.
Saturday was a busy one this time. I cooked some apple juice and put sweet peppers into jars. I tried that potimaron pumpkin and it is very delicious. I cooked štruklji which is actually cooked strudel (wrapped in tin foil and cooked in salted water). They didn't look good but they were sooo delicous! Yum!

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