Friday, October 10, 2008


I noticed them two days ago when I went to the post office. Which was closed. So I had to go there again yesterday. This time I had my camera with me and took some shots. I don't know why they are there. I haven't seen any kindergartens in the neighborhood. They are quite big and if they were not so dirty, I would try and sit on one of those. Funny, there is still such child in me. Ž is sometimes very embarrassed. I know. B was different, he played along.I wonder how long these animals will be there. And if I ever find out why they are there at all.


13mimosa said...

Maybe there was a hidden camera near by, waiting to see if anyone would do exactly as you imagined!

Epp said...

Very cool and decorative! Is it papier-mâché? Must be some sort of art project... But I think that sometimes it's be even wiser to leave things as they are, not to start investigating their origin too much, so that they could remain those little everyday wonders no-one really knows where they've come and where they go. :-)

Oh, and I can perfectly understand the wish to sit on one of those. Actually, I've been thinking of making some floor cushions of the same style, for quite some time now. One day I will... :D

Greetings from Frankfurt am Main, Germany!

Miss Muggins said...

Just wanted to say i had a lovely visit to your blog. I am intrigued by those giant creatures too!