Monday, October 13, 2008


When I go into toy shop with my friend then there's lots of laughter all around. I never had many toys in my childhood and I never wished to have many of them but usually when I come across those soft toys today, I can't pass without taking them into my hands. We found two cute sharks the other day and played a little. Of course, we ignored the looks of those bad tempered women behind the counter. I love to play. I love playing games. I have told you, there's a child in me. Most of the time.
It was a pleasant weekend but anyway, I need some rest. Just me and larches and green grasses in the mountains. I will be away for two days and hopefully I will be back again on Thursday. Have a lovely week, everyone!

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floortje said...

there cute indead! it's good to still have a child in you.