Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Usually I don't take photos of people that I don't know. Especially if there are many people staring at me while I am taking a shot. However, on Saturday I took one of a woman who was wearing a gorgeous coat. Pink has been one of my favorite colors this year (though I am not so sure this color is really pink). Anyway, I liked the cut of that coat and the appliqué, too. I would prefer having it in green, though. It seemed like it was knitted. I wish to have one like that myself. Perhaps one day if I ever find out where to buy it.


Anonymous said...

The coat is beautiful! And so is the square.

Carol in Indiana

Kari said...

I love the coat! Very pretty!

paperseed.wordpress.com said...

I like that sweater coat too. I have a similar one in winter white, but it doesn't have the pretty appliqué at the bottom. Is it already cold enough there to wear this kind of clothing?

Pina said...

It is 3-5 degrees C (37-41 F) in the morning now and these days the temperatures have risen up to 20 degrees (68 F). In September it was between 10-13 degrees (50-55 F) over the day. Too cold for September.

The coat on the photo is rather thin, so the right one for these temperatures.