Monday, October 6, 2008

They have arrived!

Colors have arrived to this part of the world. Exactly on Friday. No sooner, no later than that. I was just wondering at the beginning of last week if the whole autumn will be as dull as it was in September. The color of the plants was faded dark green, with some dull brown (don't get me wrong, I like brown color!) in between.

And on Friday they were there - colors! Chrysanthemums and Asters have started to bloom, and the maple trees were covered in reds and yellows and lime greens. Beautiful. October is a nice month, I like its name and also number 10. The last month of a year with leaves on trees.
I am decorating my home a bit, slowly adding colors to it. Soon flowers in the pots outside will perish; it is freezing cold already in the mornings. Peaks are covered with snow, so there will be no mountain hikes this year again (unless I get a good guide to go with me). Today we will have first chestnuts - they are very small this year. There are no acorns on the trees (or below them) this year. It is sunnier now than it was in September, so I suppose it is time to gather the rest of the fruit from the garden and plant some tulips and other beauties that will flower in the next year. It is time when I will be more creative than I was during the long and hot summer days. I like warmth and I definitely prefer cozy room and my armchair during these long cold months. I hope I won't spend too much time reading again!

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13mimosa said...

That little pumpkin is gorgeous. Today Ella was talking about Halloween and wanting to make some scarey decorations - that's too gorgeous to be scarey but appropriate for the day too.