Thursday, October 30, 2008


There are heavy winds today in this part of the world. Besides there are wonderful clouds up there through which we can see blue sky. From time to time it rains, too. It is amazing. I like this kind of weather. This is time when I create. I will show you some other time what I've been up to these days. When everything will be finished. Autumn colors they are, the ones I use these days.Yesterday we talked about colors at my graphic design course. We "played" with different colors and tried to put together balanced picture in two different colors. I chose violet and green. I will try to put some other colors and shapes together in the next few days. It is national holiday tomorrow and on Saturday as well, so I will have some time only for myself and my creativeness. Perhaps I will capture another rainbow of colors up on the sky during weekend. I am sure that my days won't be only gray.

Happy Halloween! I wish you a "colorful" weekend!


Anonymous said...

The clouds look like a bird's beak and an eye....maybe with teeth.

The contrast with the land and the clouds here have been good here as well.

Carol in Indiana said...

I always feel so lucky when I have a chance to photograph a rainbow.

Pina said...

Carol, indeed, I haven't noticed that before. It looks like a bird of prey, doesn't it.

I also feel lucky when I photograph the rainbow but I never get whole of it into the picture. It looks like it is always too close.