Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tan Outside

I have several nice photos of tan color outside but I chose this one, the autumn one for today. I like this challenge a lot because I like colors so much. My favorites at this time are red, orange and certain kinds of blue. I have never really liked blue color, so this is the first time that it is on my list of favorites. I keep noticing orange color these days and I find it very pretty.What I also like to look at are the number plates on cars. These days I keep seeing lots of ones with double S on them. I don't like it and I would refuse to have such license plate because it reminds me of the II. World War. SS.

Once I saw an interesting license plate but I had no camera to take a photo of it. On it I could read LJ, then there was Ljubljana's coat of arms and the letters UBITI followed. It was a shock when I saw it because word ubiti means to kill in Slovenian. But read together - ljubiti - means to love. What I saw first was ubiti (to kill) and not ljubiti (to love). Human perceptions, how different they may be. As well as words. I love word play. But not more than colors.

2 comments: said...

How incredibly interesting that the word "to love" is made from the same word as "to kill" in Slovenian. So opposite. I was trying to think of a word that may be like that in English, but I couldn't think of any. Except that God is Dog spelled backwards, but that isn't as interesting.

Pina said...

Oh, this two are interesting too, just a bit different.
I am not sure, there might be other words like that in Slovenian but these two I wrote about are the only ones I noticed. Weird wordplay, really.