Thursday, October 16, 2008


One of the subjects we had at the university was Philosophy. I have no idea why we had this subject at all but it was one of my favorite ones, beside mathematic, statistics and English. Again, one of the things I regret in my life is studying economics!

We had to write an essay for the final mark and professor explained that we can write about anything we wish. He gave a few examples and one of them was "How I can hear grass growing". Right, sometimes I am a bit extraordinary, so I went to the library and borrowed a few books written by philosophers. I found the paragraph about boredom in Blaise Pascal's book. I haven't found it on the internet so I can't share it with you but it sounded a bit different from that "grass growing" thing. After all I was one of those ca. 10 people out of 350 who received the highest mark. (Which was the highest mark I have received during my study.) Of course, most of the studends were writing about the grass. :)I was in the mountains on Tuesday. There is some snow on the highest peaks, so I went up to one of the lower ones, reaching 14 meters above 2000. A nice hike and because the mountain is so easily accessible, lots of people go up there. Therefore I took a path that goes around the mountain and is a few hours longer than the usual one. It was a beautiful and solitary walk. I haven't met anyone. The larches are all in yellow brown colors, so beautiful. It was very warm for this time of a year, I had to take off all my winter clothes. Well, life is full of surprises.
At one point on my path I realised that there was complete silence. Not a bird sang, there was no buzz of the insects, no wind, I couldn't hear the cars from the road anymore or any noise made by human beings. Nothing. I stopped. I listened to complete silence. I have never experienced this before. I could have heard grass growing... if someone at that moment wouldn't throw something at me. Oh, I jumped! It was a squirrel looking at me from the tree!
Two weird days are behind me. I did something stupid that I regret. I have had headache for the last couple of days. And the first hours of my course are behind me too. I am actually looking forward to the rainy days that follow. To do some sewing I've been planing to do for some time. Or maybe baking too. This one was left from the Saturday's lot.

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Jinnie said...

I followed you from this blog And by doing that, I now have a nice afternoon. I always enjoy reading nice stories and how people see or think about things. And I really enjoy yours. I like such a place too, a place that is so quiet and peaceful that you can even hear a grass growing. :-D But too bad we don't have mountains here. I would love to hike on the mountain sometime.

Greetings from a very flat country, Holland!
Jinnie :-)