Thursday, November 6, 2008


Last week I borrowed the next books in the library:I read a few of them, the second and third from the bottom up. Life stories of two different people. I liked the one by Li Cunxin, he is writing about his life in detail. A good description of life in China. I don't think that anyone in Slovenia was that poor after war. At least it didn't show on the outside. Though, my grandmom tells me that she had to wait whole night to buy a pot in which she could cook a meal for her family. And that there was no food...

I found completely new copy of Crazy Horse by Mari Sandoz, the third edition, and I couldn't resist to take it home with me. At the moment I am reading a book by Siri Hustvedt and in between the one about mountain pastures in my belowed mountains. A real treat!

P.s.: I am enjoying so much in my graphic design course. Yesterday we combined different colors together (the theme was Orient and Festive) and next Wednesday we will discuss patterns. I can hardly wait!

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