Friday, November 7, 2008

Meeting point

"Meet me at Prešeren", that's what you usually hear from your friend when it is time to eat another piece of cake and make rain (i.e. chat). In the middle of Ljubljana stands a monument of France Prešeren, Slovenian poet. His is our national anthem, lots of time at school is spent for learning about him, and some proverbs originate from his poems. On the other hand, he was a drunkard, he was in love with a girl half his age (Julija) and he wrote some erotic poetry beside the one which is so much praised in our country. I admit, I like his poetry and I know some of his poems by heart.

When this monument was raised in the city center in 1905, many critics were published in the newspapers. You know, when people talk... Where was the problem? The muse above his head was - half naked. Sheer impudence for that period of time! Especially because this monument stands almost in front of franciscian church. It was not removed and it is good that it wasn't. Because almost everyone in this country, even those who don't live in Ljubljana, know where to find you, if you say: "Meet me at Prešeren."

I was there last evening and it was rather charming. Despite of rain and cloudy sky.

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