Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holiday spirit

My mom came around in the afternoon and brought me a magazine with Christmas ideas (crafts, recipes, ...). I liked some of them, one of them is this one on a photo. I realized in the evening that first advent Sunday is not so very far away and that it would be time to make some decorations for windows (yes, they will be the same paper stars like last year but maybe of different color) and for front door, as well.

I intend to visit a Christmas fair at Waldorf school next Saturday where I will try to buy some organic vegetable seeds and hopefully some other nice things, too. I did not attend the workshop that was held there yesterday, and I hardly managed to stay at the course in the evening. This time we talked about typography, one of the most interesting topics for me. I have always liked different kinds of letters and every now or then I change the writing when I write on computer. It is interesting, that like an inclination to some colors also inclination to some different kind of writing changes through the years in my life.

I will stay at home tomorrow, hopefully I will fully recover by Saturday. Happy Friday & weekend, too!


Geninne said...

Hope you're feeling better Pina :) I have good news! Daniel chose the name you suggested for his sock monkey and I want to send you a little surprise, please email me at with your address. Thank you!

13mimosa said...

I love those peanut wreaths - very nice.