Monday, November 24, 2008

Back again

It felt like being on a short vacation, staying at home for another extra day. It's been snowing for whole morning, this is the first snow this autumn. I hope it is not the last one, winter is usually so long without any snow.I am almost fine by now, still drinking tea and eating lots of citrus fruit. The birthday party was quite nice, of course we were eating way too much, like always. But it is so hard to resist when there are so many different cookies on a table! I've been making quite many paper boxes lately. For my grandmom's present I made this pink one and wrapped the present into a paper for which I was sure my grandmom would like. I gave her also a box full of spring flower bulbs that she will be able to put on a window shelf.
As the smell of snow has been in the air for some days now, I managed to clean some windows in the living room and started to make paper stars. I am not sure, but every year it seems like my hands get bigger and every year I find my clumsy hands folding those little folds with more difficulty. It's only one week left until the first advent Sunday, where did all that time go?


Ovca said...

Uau kako zahtevne zvezde si se lotila! Bravo! Te rože so bile pretekla leta prav meditacija, ko sem jih delala. Letos ni časa ampak jih pogrešam. Uživaj!

Pina said...

Takšne zvezde delam skoraj vsako leto. Včasih naredim samo polovične, pa so prav tako lepe. Je pa res, da se mi zdi, da imam vsako leto debelejše in bolj nerodne prste! :)

Anonymous said...

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