Monday, December 1, 2008

Days of thunder and lightning

There's been lots of noise around here for the last couple of days. It is getting warmer, and nature is doing its part in reminding us about it. Thunder and lightning.

It was a pleasant weekend, it seems like the last few weeks are those good ones in this year for me. I have never been surrounded by so many real friends before, and I have never before received such positive feedback to what I do or write. I hope it lasts, at least for a little while longer.

I visited Waldorf fair on Saturday and it was crowded like it is every year. I bought some vegetable seeds and books about gardening. It felt so good again to be among those beautiful colorful walls. I used to have such walls in my home, but now I still look for an inspiration. I have some other plans but no energy to make them true. Hopefully someday I will be able to show you colors in my new home.
It was a plan to join Julija at her birthday party yesterday but after all we stayed at home. It happens. I spent half of Sunday creating, making little felt sea creatures. Alice Merlino kindly offered the tutorial on her blog. It was fun, but very time consuming. Especially cutting out the patterns and felt. I usually draw the pattern on a transparent paper and save it for later. It will be easier next time, if I ever make them again. I didn't take a photo of the finished project, because light was so bad in the afternoon when the mobile with super cute sea creatures was finally finished.
Now, when I have some color transparency paper at home (yes, I was spending money on that again!), I made Waldorf lantern. I had been trying to find a tutorial for this folded lantern for a long time but had no luck. I also asked one of the bloggers to share it with me but I have never received an answer. So, speaking some German helps sometimes, and using German words on Google, I immediately found it. Here it is, if you want to make one yourself. I saw many of them on Waldorf fair the other day, for about 3 Euro each.And books, I have a few new books! One is about the flowers, the other one about animal tracks and then there are two for children that I got for free. I am indulging myself, don't you think so?

I hope that you did something for yourself this weekend, too. If not, it is time to do it today. Because tomorrow you will have to do it for somebody else. :) Happy Monday!


Kari said...

Your little sea creatures are so cute, I love them! Glad to hear you are doing well.

Kari said...

I adore that lantern you made! Thanks for sharing the link. I'd like to make some for New Year's to decorate when my husband's family comes in to town. Such simply, lovely elegance.