Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Two days of rain resulted in this:Floods. The fields covered by water, some roads impassable and closed. It is quite cold and we can hardly wait for the sun to warm the land, the soil. I planted the peas during the weekend and I am lucky that my garden is not covered by water like my neighbors' is. We never know what awaits us here. There are victims too, but the ones caused by human not by nature:
Volunteers keep gathering the frogs every night or morning when they are passing the roads. It is the only way that the people in the years to come will know the frogs at all.

I spent the Earth Hour on Saturday by the candle light, lying in bed next to Ž who fell asleep. It was for me one of the most peaceful moments in the last two weeks. I hope that my life will be back on the track again, because it is just too painful to live the life like I live it now. Time heals everything, they say. I guess it really does.


Anonymous said...

I hope things get better soon. And I hope the water has receded and that it is getting warmer every day.

Pina said...

Rain will stop falling on Friday, so hopefully we'll get some sunshine over the weekend. I can hardly wait! :)

paperseed said...

One thing I really appreciate about you and your writing and photos is that you aren't afraid to occasionally post such a photo as the frog, or to write something that is hard, but true.

Pina said...

Real life is sometimes very hard but has also some kind of beauty in it. :)