Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Now is the time to make sweeping changes, not only in your consciousness, but also in the circumstances in which you live. Conditions that have been developing slowly will force major changes upon you now. If you are flexible, you will be able to start a whole new phase of life, even though you may have thought that the time for new starts in your life is past.

~Robert Hand, Planets in Transit; one of the transits in my chart for March/April 2009~

I know, what I recently write here is rather sad or boring but times come when sudden events happen which change our daily lives completely. I will come over this, I know I will; everything changes and after the rain always comes the sun again.

To make my life a bit happier at this time, you, my friends, keep spoiling me with nice surprises. I keep receiving e-cards and e-mails with the words of comfort; and I am so grateful for all of them, although I might not respond to most of them. Sometimes there's a package waiting for me in my mailbox, and recently I received two of them; one from the other part of Slovenia and one all the way from Australia. One was from Urška and another one from Emily. Thank you so much for thinking of me, you both made my day! :) I am not so sure when I will cook anything from that cookbook but I do use the bookmark regularly, touching the felt flower all over again. Me, the felt addict! Emily sent me some love stamps and some beautiful tags. So nice!

When I come out of this difficult and stressful situation, I might start creating again. I did send a swap package the other day to another part of the world, because I do keep promises to other people (unfortunately not so often to myself, though). I was afraid that what I created wasn't good enough but when I received an e-mail from Emily and saw the post on her blog, I couldn't have been happier. I found out at that very moment that giving is indeed more fulfilling than receiving; there's nothing more comforting than the thought that someone has a smile on the face because of me.

Thank you, my friends! :)


Emily said...

It is absolutely my pleasure, Pina! Love the elephant you sent to Emily - so cute! Your gorgeous and creative craftings are a real inspiration to me :)

Pina said...

You are so kind, Emily! :)

Piščanček said...

Preljuba Pina,
odveč je vsaka zahvala,
rada te imam
in ti moraš to vedet!

Želim ti lep dan,

Pina said...

Si ne morem pomagat, draga moja, če si me pa tako razveselila! :)

Piščanček said...

I finally "found" beautiful elephant ;-)


paperseed said...

You certainly deserve such wonderful things, Pina.