Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Green life

In the woods. Gathering the leaves of ramsons, I noticed it. The first one of a kind. Daphne mezereum, navadni volčin in Slovenian. The birds were singing their spring songs, the wind was moving the branches above me, I left my fear at home. Supposedly the ramson is a food for bears, I guess it is not called bear's garlic for no reason. The place where I gathered it is known for these huge creatures and I know that I should not fear them because they will run away before I see or hear them. Though it is scary sometimes when I am there alone.

My parents worked in the garden yesterday, making vegetable beds for this season. Mine will wait for a little bit longer, until the end of this week. Then I will plant the peas, the first vegetable in my garden this year. What awaited me in the garden yesterday in the afternoon was this:Black currant bush adorned with the first green leaves. Let's celebrate the spring! Oh, how good it feels! I hope you can feel it, too.

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Bradpetehoops said...

Nice plants. Plant many trees against Global Warming.