Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The sea

In order to live free and happily you must sacrifice boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice.

~Richard Bach~

When you get an unexpected invitation from a friend to spend a few hours somewhere else and not in a cozy home of yours, what do you do?The events that are happening in my life at the moment and the events that happened six years ago clearly show that I will not be able to live a boring life. I will have to give up boredom to live a happy life. When I forget about this, I sure get a reminder that this is not good for me. When I do not listen to these hints, events take care that I cry a lot later on.

It is a tough life. I guess I will keep getting the same lesson over and over again until I finally give up boredom for good. Until then I might be crying a lot on the shoulders of my friends. Or laugh with them on the days like it was yesterday. Obviously I have to accomplish a few things in this life of mine before I leave this beautiful world for good.


Emily said...

It is a tough life at times, Pina, with lessons to be learned. And learned. And learned again - until we remember them! I am with you at the moment - learning some tough life lessons of my own right now.

13mimosa said...

Perfect lemons and a gorgeous sunset. Sounds like life is on the move for you - we haven't "spoken" in ages. Life here is so busy it's absurd, but good busy. Glad that there are shoulders to help carry the weight.

Pina said...

Emily, I hope all will end well, for you and me. Soon. :)

Victoria, those are kumquats, not yet completely ripe. Life is full of surprises but I brought the events into my life myself, so I shouldn't be whining too much, should I? :) I am sure everything will be fine again and this spring will be fabulous!