Friday, April 3, 2009

Another package

You keep spoiling me, don't you? :)

On Wednesday I received a wonderful swap package from Emily. She is so thoughtful because she made me a pot holder and a pendant as well. I haven't been baking for quite a while but when I do, I struggle with some crocheted pot holders that have holes in them, so sometimes I burn myself not being careful enough. Now this won't happen again because I have received a pot holder without holes and it is also big enough for my hand. I love the pattern and the colors! (The photo doesn't show the real colors, in real they are more vibrant.)
When my no-chocolate diet will end after Easter (I admit, I did eat a few pieces of chocolate and drank a couple of hot chocolates, too), nothing will stop me from indulging myself with a cup of hot chocolate that I received in the package as well. Until then I will drink tea. :) Spring will be wonderful, I tell you!
Well, in the same package I also received three notebooks that I won by pure coincidence. I am lucky, don't you think?

Thank you so much, Emily for all the goodness I received.

What I don't like is the customs that opened the package and ripped that soft green paper in which these beautiful things were wrapped into...

Have a wonderful weekend! We will have some sunshine after all.


Piščanček said...

Emily, wawwww :) Beautiful!

Pina, you are special ;-)
Yes, you really are!

Pina said...


paperseed said...

Pina, you are so nice. :-)