Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter holidays

Each year Easter holidays are a bit different but every time I spend the Sunday morning with my parents, having Easter breakfast with my family. It has become a tradition and I like it a lot. Easter eggs, ham, horse radish, potica, home baked bread and tea. This, and more is on the menu every Easter Sunday. It was pleasant, like it usually is.
I wasn't resting during past prolonged weekend. I wasn't really working either. I am not sure that monitoring birds can be called work at all, although I am always tired after it. Like everybody else is. Maybe it's got something to do with waking up so early, sometimes even at 3am... I was actually on the test how many birds I recognize this far by singing. It is still a long way to go. Ž said: "In two years you will learn enough to do it by yourself." There is no doubt that I will spend many days outside this spring, trying to recognize this and that bird by singing. I am not so sure that I will learn Italian in two years but maybe I will recognize at least 50 birds by their singing by then. Which is not bad at all. Time has also come when I drag out my books on plants and try to recognize (and remember if possible) different plants I find in the nature. Learning for life, all my life. :)
Yesterday we gathered two baskets of ramson/wild garlic leaves in the woods. I have put most of them into the fridge, and made some pesto of it, too. I mixed the leaves, added some olive oil and salt. It has a very sharp taste but spread on bread tastes good. Today the work in my garden is going to start as in one month most of the vegetables will have to be planted already. I tell you, spring is beautiful and it has definitely arrived.

I hope you had nice Easter holidays, too!