Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ljubljana's new clothes

Sometimes it is very upsetting to make fundamental changes in your life. But at other times you feel that change is creative and exciting. You are eager for change and hope it will lead you to a life that is more exciting, interesting and alive.

~Robert Hand, Planets in transit~

It is obvious that this warm and nice weather has brought new image to our eyes - blooms on every corner. It is so beautiful outside!April has never been a month that brought anything nice into my life. I wonder, why is it so? Always unpleasant surprises. At this time in my life I am hungry for change. Something good will have to happen soon because the pain can't last forever. Whatever happens, it will be good.

I cleaned a bit around the house, although I prefer staying inside, because my throat is still aching. My dad will help me in the garden today and hopefully my washing machine will be working again this afternoon. Yes, those April dwarfs are in my house once more...

I am not writing many answers to your comments or your e-mails; please forgive me and be patient with me. It is not so easy to do anything when there's the sign "low energy level" written all over me. I do read everything you write, though, and I do think of you often. I am so glad you are here with me. Thank you, my friends.

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