Friday, May 22, 2009


I have always liked castles. One of my ancestors owned one, though he supposedly wasn't a kind and pleasant person. So the old books say. Yesterday I coincidentally visited one of the castles with a friend, although we couldn't get close as it has become a private property in the last year. A pity, I would love to see it in detail. It was an enjoyable afternoon, eating an ice cream, sitting on a bench near the castle, listening to the birds and horses nearby. It was a different scenery from that one where I live. Woods, hills, meadows full of flowers.

Recently I've been thinking a lot of completing the house I live in, and then moving to some other place. Sooner or later I will move, I suppose. Not that it is not beautiful here but it is kind of depressing as well. Who knows what the future brings. Hopefully at least a peaceful heart and soul. And health. With all that everything is possible.


Feronia said...

What a beautiful place! Not only are all things possible with a peaceful heart and soul and health - maybe it is all you need :)

paperseed said...

I love castles, too. Someday I'd like to stay overnight in one of the many ones in Europe that have turned into hotels.