Monday, May 25, 2009

With a scientist

We have amazing weather here, it is hot as in the middle of the summer. I love it. :) The blue sky, the warm wind, the fragrances of the spring and summer. I am probably one of the rare people enjoying this heat and sunshine... already in May.I spent Saturday morning with a scientist, not far from my home. She showed us how she was doing a research on Whinchat (Saxicola rubetra). Quite interesting, but in my opinion quite disturbing for birds. But you know, researchers have their point. I understand that some researches have to be carried out so that we are able to protect the nature as best as we can, but often I ask myself - is it really necessary?

I have learned a lot, and I have learned to recognize another bird by singing. Most of all, it was a pleasant weekend. I will share more "weekend" photos with you tomorrow. I hope that you had nice weekend, too.


paperseed said...

I agree, disturbing, yet a way we can learn more. Stunning photos, as usual.

Pina said...

Thank you, Emily. Lots of nature lately here on my blog... ;)