Thursday, May 7, 2009

In the movies

I wanted to see The Tale of Despereaux, but ended up seeing Slumdog Millionaire. I loved it. The message I received was short - be patient and everything will end well. Wait, and you will be rewarded.

Lots of my colleagues visited India in the recent years, but I can say for myself, that I prefer peaceful places with not so many people and chaos. Right, I liked China, but I wouldn't like to live there or stay much longer than I did.

These days I do look for solitude, but at the same time I enjoy the company of people that help me forget that not everything is alright in my life. I have never prayed so much or so hard that someone would find his love for me again. Soon.

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paperseed said...

I heard it was good. There is a long wait for it with the dvd service I use, so I guess a lot of people think so.