Monday, June 29, 2009

By train

I spent the weekend away from home, again in the NE part of Slovenia. As it was mostly raining all the time, I had lots of time to rest and just do nothing. At my age I could say that it was a day lost, but at the same time nothing could be more pleasant than being with a loved person all day through.Birds were hiding, rain was pouring down. In spite of being in a lazy mood, I did something useful. Walking around we noticed a beetle for which the data has been collected by one of the organizations here in Slovenia. Today I sent a photo and information to them about the sighting of this beetle. It is funny how sometimes such little deeds mean a lot to us.

I hope your weekend was nice and pleasant, too.


Feronia said...

I love train trips!

lefobserver said...

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Thank you in advanced.