Monday, June 15, 2009

The season has started

Finally. Again in the mountains, again above 1500m above see level. This time below 2000m, as it is still lots of snow up there. Today I am posting the photos I took on Saturday on Dovška baba and around. Wonderful grasslands, abundance of flowers (lots of those that I usually drink in my tea), almost no people, silence. There were beautiful meadows in the valley below, with flowers, flowers, flowers... And the smell! It is so easy to come home from such hiking full of energy and full of hope.

I hope your weekend was nice, too.


paperseed said...

Did you go by yourself? Are you ever worried about being so far away if something happened, like if you sprained your ankle?

Pina said...

I like going by myself because I can stop as many times as I wish to (at each interesting flower :)).

I always carry my mobile with me, and emergency number is always accessible. So, no worries. :) Besides, there are usually people in the mountains, at least one comes around each time. I do follow the paths, just in case, and I do wear the appropriate boots and clothes (I carry with me winter clothes also in the summer; the weather can change in minutes sometimes).

paperseed said...

Wow. I find that really brave. I like solitary time, too, but can't imagine taking such long hikes away. It must be so wonderful, to feel that freedom and independence. And to take such lovely photo memories home with you. :-)

Pina said...

If you ever come to Slovenia, Emily, you will see that it is sooooo small. I met a schoolfriend from the primary school up on the hill... We can't hide here, we can never go too far away... :)