Friday, June 12, 2009

Through the city center

Again I walked through the city center, and I have to say that I like it a lot. It is small and beautiful. Already full of tourists. 15 years ago there were almost none as everybody thought that there was still war here.

Houses have been getting the face lift, and it is nice to see them shine in new vibrant colors. One of such houses is also this one:My two grand grandfathers worked in this house; one was one of the CEO's, the other one was a caretaker of the house. One had the highest and the other the lowest rank in the same house. It is funny to see them on the same photo - one looks proud and important, the other one looks like a tiny gray mouse.
It is nice to look at the details of the houses. I prefer them to the modern sculptures of today; I think that they tell much more. There's also a sculpture of probably the most famous woman in Slovenia, looking down from one of the fronts of these houses. Her name was Julija, and she was a girl that one of our most famous poets fell in love with. Sometimes it is easy to become famous, and you don't have to do one thing for it. :)

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paperseed said...

I love it when you post such beautiful photos of your city. The architecture and history there is so wonderful!