Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One card in my mailbox

I have never received so many congratulations on my birthday as this year, but funny enough, I have received only one card in my mailbox this time. It was waiting for me there yesterday. It came all the way from Australia, with a beautiful stamp on the envelope. It is so nice to receive handmade things, as this gives you a feeling that this person was thinking about you more than just those few minutes when buying a card in a shop. Thank you, Emily, you made my day! :) I love that little bird and your handwriting!

It was a beautiful day yesterday, but I did not decide to spend it in the mountains. Instead I enjoyed the afternoon doing nothing and reading Marie Claire Idees magazines that I borrowed from a friend (oh, I wish I spoke French!). I cooked millet flakes in milk, added some fig jam and sesame seeds for the porridge. Yum! It was a perfect evening; I wish each one was as pleasant as it was yesterday's.

Though there comes the inevitable - morning fog and dew are slowly creeping into the land. In no time I will not wear my summer skirts anymore, in no time the leaves will change their colors. Let's enjoy today!


Feronia said...

I'm so glad that the card arrived (it only took a week!) and that you like it, Pina!

Piščanček said...

hvala za tale blogić :) (ker včerajšnji je bil za solze v potokih, le kje si ga "našla"?!? :()

Slastno mlečno-ovseno-figovo "kočerjo" (moja je bila zelo podobna :)) bi lahko poživila z nekaj rdečimi jagodami :)
Pina, ponovi vajo!

Poljubček in lep dan!

p.s. Čestitka je čudovita, za čudovito osebo, kakopak!

Pina said...

Jagode sem pojedla posebej. ;) Danes bodo pa žganci!