Thursday, July 16, 2009


...was written on a rock when we arrived at the hut after four hours of trekking. Prehodavci is called that part of the Alps where we started our bird monitoring this time. Our lunch was served by a girl who kept forgetting what we ordered. We woke up at 4 a.m., and started our counting about an hour below the hut. It was pleasant to have a cup of tea in the hut two hours later. Up we went, with our heavy backpacks. I will slowly learn to pack less, but I really hadn't expected such high temperatures. To tell the long story short, I am sharing here with you some photos with the comments. I visited the most solitary places I've ever been to. Beautiful places. There's still lots of snow there, we can talk about spring up there and not summer.
So, here they are, the photos:

Ž near the hut. So close to the steinbocks we came. There were 28 of them. Just for the two of us. ;)Triglav, our highest mountain. Kanjavec; up there we went. Over 2500 m above sea level, where the view is magnificent. Where do we go next? Alpine Forget-me-nots. It was the first time I spotted them. After steep hills and solitary valleys, we arrived at the mountain pasture called Na Lazu, where kind people live. There we had our lunch, the food for gods. Sour milk, that is. After one more night in one of the huts, we arrived into the Triglav Lakes Valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in our Alps. For me for sure one of the most solitary ones. I felt sadness there in spite of enormous beauty. In 1991, after the war here in Slovenia, I slept in this winter hut on the photo. We haven't met one living human soul then on our two days long trek. Before arriving back to the hut where we started our mountain journey, we arrived at one of the most beautiful lakes I've seen, called Ledvica. I've seen a lot on our paths these past few days and I was thinking a lot about my life. Maybe I will have to give up things and life that I was trying to keep for the last four months. I don't know. Anyway, I have learned a lot, and I am sure that my life will be sweet again. Some day. Soon.

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Feronia said...

Beautiful photos, Pina. Thank you :) And the perfect environment for some deep thinking too, I would imagine.