Friday, July 17, 2009


Or 10x4. Whichever formula you take, you get the number of the years that passed from the first landing on the Moon. I was born a few days before the landing. This year I celebrate my birthday on Sunday, so I will not be behind the screen. But I never am. I always take a day off work, having a whole day just for me.

Ž phoned me a few minutes before and told me the plan. We are going to the seaside for few days. This means that I will be working hard today, preparing everything for departure. This includes calling my parents to invite them for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake tomorrow. I like this kind of life in a way. It is full of nice surprises. And I will be able to tell another story of my life.

I haven't been in a library for four months now. I don't have any desire to read books. It is my life that is important not life of the people described in the books. Books that I have by my bed and on my desk are about frogs, birds, flowers. Learning for life, about life. Each and every day. I have always wished to be younger than I am. They tell me that I don't show my age. I wouldn't mind to be 3x10 again. With all the knowledge I have now. But... let's live this life now, because we have been given only one chance to do this.

Happy weekend everyone!


Feronia said...

A very happy birthday to you, Pina! Have a wonderful day and many happy returns. And you're absolutely right - we have only one life to live!
Hugs :)

13mimosa said...

It's the best age of all - I also like to call it two score! I hope you're well, I haven't emailed directly because I haven't felt it the right thing to do. I am, however, often thinking of you.

Pina said...

Thank you, Emily and Victoria! :) It is so good to know that someone is thinking of you so far away. :)