Monday, August 31, 2009

Having fun

It is the last day of August, and I can say that it was the nicest month in this year so far. Peaceful, but far from boring. I couldn't resist not to try searching for hidden caches during this weekend, and I was able to find four of them in two days. I wasn't successful yesterday, but this won't stop me from trying to find them some other day.I took a Travel Bug from one of them, little kitty that came all the way from Indiana in the USA. I have to put this kitty into one of the caches I find next, but it is important that the box is big enough.Treasure hunt is fun, I tell you. I stopped for an ice-cream, saw some nice sundials while visiting lovely park beside a castle, visited places where I had spent my childhood. Perhaps it was just a pity that I was alone; however, I spent some pleasant hours in my own precious company. :)

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Feronia said...

Sometimes a bit of time with just yourself is a very nice thing :)