Friday, August 28, 2009

We are all human

I was driving behind a garbage van this morning. Two men were collecting the garbage. Both looked lively, their faces looked bright and happy. I wondered what kind of lives they have. I smiled at them, and they smiled back. Maybe I made their day, who knows.When I lived in Kranjska Gora, among the mountains, our neighbor had a little golf course next to his house. A young man was coming several times a week to mow the grass there, and about twice a week he mowed also the grass around our house. Once I met him on my way to a local shop, which was about one kilometer away from home. He was dressed into a bright orange dress and he was collecting garbage. He had to do several jobs to earn his living. I think that we both felt uneasy at that moment when I first met him collecting garbage.But I always say, these men are also human, they have to earn money for a living, and besides, how could we cope without them? In a way they do much more useful job than me, sitting behind the screen most of the days... Furthermore, we never know what our job will be tomorrow... Photos were taken in my garden yesterday. It is finally raspberry season again. They are much bigger and tasteful than those in June.

And, yes, do smile at someone today. You may save a life by doing that. Happy weekend!


Feronia said...

Absolutely. A sudden smile from someone can really turn the day around. Beautiful raspberries - yum!

Kari said...

So true!

Thank you for the Happy Birthday wishes, I appreciate it!

jessicaleighlalou said...

Smiles make me feel so much better! I've been slacking off some, I should smile at people more! You've inspired me. :) Beautiful photos by the way.