Monday, August 10, 2009

In the city park

There's been a new exhibition in Ljubljana's city park since June. On Friday during my lunch break I went to check it. This means that I just walked along the promenade, taking a few shots along the way.As it was around noon and sun was shining with its full force, the pictures were dull and too bright. So, I guess it is better to see it in a cloudy weather or in the evening when the lights are turned on.These days the Moon has been very bright. Ljubljana is actually very light polluted. I still don't understand why all the lights of those huge shopping centers have to be lit on all night. The last time when I could see the bright and shining Milky Way was the other day at the seaside. I am just sorry that I didn't take the time and lie on the beach gazing at the night sky. There was no moon, just the stars. And they seemed to be so very close.I admit, I love staring up at the sky in the night. When I was a child, I counted the stars, standing on a balcony of my grandparent's house where we used to live. I was very disappointed when we had only a few hours dedicated to astronomy at physics. I was eager to learn, but I had no teacher. I can say that for many things in my life. If I had time on Friday, I could also stop by in the library under the trees. Each year there are a few shelves of books and a few little chairs inviting people to stop by on a meadow next to the pond in the park. Maybe one day I will check the selection of their books, too. Maybe some other year, if not this one. But who knows where I will be then! :)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Feronia said...

We have had some beautiful night skies here lately, Pina. A *stunning* full moon on Friday night.

Pina said...

Oh, we had one "stunning" full moon here, too. ;)