Friday, August 14, 2009

New books in my home

Yes, I couldn't resist ordering some more books. Although I am not so sure I will ever use/read them at all. I know of a couple of gals who would love to have the one by Heidi Swanson: Super Natural Cooking. The calendar by Janosch is a present for Christmas for one of my friends. Yes, I know, already. I have to admit that I am looking forward to a year 2010, because I am sure that it will be my year. Life will have to be balanced again, and things as they are, cannot last forever. I will not let them to. Looking at my collection of books makes me think that I will have to get some new bookshelves. Soon. Though there are only about 500 of books that I have. I appreciate very much that there are libraries in this world... One of them was actually founded by my grand grandfather. :)

Happy weekend! I will be celebrating tomorrow's holiday walking, walking, walking... but not in the mountains... this time I will be enjoying in the beauties of the flatlands!


Feronia said...

Lovely looking books, Pina. Yes, I think 2010 has a good, rounded, positive ring to it!

Pina said...

I hope that it will be a good year for you too, Emily.

Feronia said...

Thanks Pina - here's hoping :)