Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One year is around again...

... and in my mailbox I could find, for the first time, a new Ikea catalog. I like it red, they like it red, I like it green, they like it green. I like it blue, maybe they will like it in 2011... :)The sparkles were flying around my house yesterday, when I was flipping through the pages. I was measuring the living room because hopefully soon, it will get completely new look. One day I will guide you through my home here on this blog, and then you might really get to know me better, like they say it in Ikea catalog for 2010. Until then I will have more books on the bookshelves, more bookshelves for books. "Hausapotheke" will be as empty as it is now (hopefully!), when there are only a few plasters and some vitamin C tablets in it (I know, I should get an aspirin or something similar soon, just in case, although I eat about three painkillers yearly). "Bilder" on the walls right now are just paper prints of some nice pictures I found on the Internet. I have pictures framed and prepared to be hung on the walls, and some great ideas for wall decorations. Oh, I have plans! I am a dreamer, I have always been. That's why I will look at the sky tonight and make wishes when watching the Perseids touching the Earth's atmosphere. Also Google reminds me to do so. I hope that you will see some, too!

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