Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My drive to work

Usually I am in my car by 6:45 at latest. Sometimes I have happy thoughts, sometimes I cry yet so early in the morning. It depends on a day how long I have to wait at the first traffic light; sometimes I wait in a queue for 15 minutes. I hope one day authorities will realize that it would be good to build a roundabout instead of existent crossing, especially if they keep giving permits for construction of new houses in area where I live.

I don't like people who drive close behind me because they've slept a bit too long and they are in a hurry. I don't drive fast, but accident may happen too quickly because of such reckless and nervous people. Well, this doesn't mean that I won't cause an accident once; who knows!

Lately I keep seeing a dog standing on a pavement; it looks quite sad and sometimes it wants to cross the street. I had to smile today, so miserable, lonely and sad it looked. Just like me.

I don't drive through red traffic light like many other people do. I wait and look around; sometimes I spot something interesting next by.

Have you noticed how serious and sad people look like when they are in their cars? Have you noticed that usually they don't talk to each other, but stare blankly through the windows? Rarely I spot husband and wife who kiss before one of them leaves a car. Do they really have nothing to talk about, can't they look each other in the eyes with love and affection? I have always striven for that, but it keeps slipping through my hands. There have to be two people wishing the same, doing the same. I guess I will perish before my wish is fulfilled... But hope is still left, forever.

I hope your last drive by car was pleasant, and hopefully full of laughter. Usually you will see me smiling behind the wheel or looking around when I queue at traffic light. I will wave back if you wave at me or smile at you just like that, to make your day. I like driving my car, especially now when I have new license plates on it. ;)


kačja pastirica said...

Ravno danes o avtomobilih...ko me čaka prva registracija :-), :-(
Prej sem se vozila z I.v službo in JA, obstajajo pari, ki se poljubijo v slovo (nikoli ne veš kaj te čaka ta dan) ... tako da upanje vsekakor ostaja! Nikoli ne pusti, da so stvari in odnosi samoumevni. Lep dan!

Pina said...

Priznam, da si me spravila v solze. Bom upala na boljše čase, prav gotovo pridejo, in z njimi spet tudi poljubi. :) Lep dan tudi tebi!

Anonymous said...

Dear Pina, Thanks for the thoughtful post, and I don't want you to be unhappy. Think of these ups and downs as the flow of life, and know that it is just like the ocean or the stars. XOXOXO Carol

Feronia said...

Lately I have been thinking about how so many of us (myself included) need to remember what's really important - and nowhere do you see people forget what's really important (staying calm, taking care, being courteous, interacting with those around you) when they're driving a car! Great post, Pina. Beautiful thoughts from Carol too - thank you :)

Pina said...

Thanks Carol so much for your kind and supportive thoughts!