Monday, September 14, 2009

Helping hands

My dad knows that he won't be able to work much longer due to his illness, so he is trying to do something good every day and trying to follow well known proverb - seize the day. Sometimes this is a bit annoying for other people, who are not aware at this moment that they will not live forever either.

On Saturday we were helping him to cover the roof on a weekend house that he built mostly by his own hands. We spent almost, really almost every weekend there up to my 17th year of age when we moved to our new home. It was actually our second home, to where my parents escaped from my grandparents and some other relatives. We used to live in a cellar of my grandparents' house, in one room with a kitchen and bathroom. So, when coming to my parents' weekend house, it was like coming to a castle. It was spacious, bright and warm. Older we got, less willingly my brother and I were coming up there to the woods.

Today my brother lives there. I enjoy my stay up there whenever I visit him or my parents in that rather charming house. Nice memories bind us to that place.

We did a good job on Saturday. My brother baked vegetarian pizza and made delicious lemonade. We had a chat with local farmer and were working diligently from morning to late afternoon. It was nice day indeed.

Yesterday Ž and I drove to Slivje, a place where dogwood grows. Instead of picking its berries (not ripe and too dry), we came home with barberries. I will use them for jam. Well, at least that's a plan...

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Feronia said...

Looks like a good weekend, Pina!

Pina said...

Yes, Emily, especially Saturday was very pleasant, knowing that I did a good job for someone else.

Feronia said...

That's always a good feeling :)