Monday, September 7, 2009


Snow covered the mountains; all that can be seen from Ljubljana, had a white blanket on on Saturday morning when I was driving again to the eastern part of my country. It had melted by the time I was driving back home yesterday in the evening.Once a year there's a running race in a village where Ž comes from. The best ones run 7 kilometers, the locals usually run only 3, 5 kilometers. I haven't been running for more than 20 years, so I thought that it might be fun taking part in this race. So I did. It was easy and I enjoyed myself all through the race. Of course, I didn't get the prize, because I was the fourth crossing the finish line. Luckily three girls, about 25 years younger than me, won the first three places. I can hardly imagine what people would think, if me, coming from Ljubljana, a place despised by most of the people living there, would get one of those golden cups! :) I admit, I am glad that people finally start to realize that I am not so different from them, and that I am slowly, after so many years coming to those places, becoming friends with some of them. Lots of them have a hard life, but in spite of this they keep their spirits high. That's why it is so pleasant to be in their company. Although sometimes they speak so fast in their local dialect that I don't understand them at all... :)I hope you had nice weekend, too.


Feronia said...

Good on you, Pina - I'd be struggling to get through it!!

Pina said...

Oh, Emily, if you take it slowly, then you finish the race after all. Like me... ;)

Feronia said...

Not a bad metaphor for life, Pina! :)