Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It was very windy up there on a mountain yesterday. I wanted to go up another peak, but there are three reasons, I rather spent rest of that day below in a valley: it was too windy, part of the path was obviously swept away and I was sooo tired.I met two Australians up there and they wanted to return to their car, taking another, quite steep path. They didn't believe me at first when I told them that the path is too steep for descent, but fortunately there were other people telling them the same.I found another treasure just below the peak, nicely hidden among the rocks. I couldn't resist not to visit the remnants of the I. World War. Road up the pass was built by Russian prisoners and nobody actually knows how many are buried next to it. A bit scary, if you know this, driving there. There are only rare Alpine flowers still in bloom, autumn is almost here, and nature is preparing itself for winter. Snow that has fallen on Saturday still lies around.I ate delicious apple strudel in a hut on Vršič Pass and enjoyed the rest of this day walking around the little lakes. I spotted one from the peak. Actually this lake is a wetland which disappears in dry season. In spring it becomes one huge blue spot, when blooming Irises cover the area. It was so peaceful there. I stopped in Kranjska Gora as well, by the lake below the house where I used to live. In 2003 I swam in that lake, so hot it was. There is one more mountain waiting for me, one more peak to go up to. I wish to go up there with Ž. One day perhaps. This year we were only one hour away from the peak. But there was snow still lying on a path in spring... Maybe one day, but who knows.


Feronia said...

So beautiful! I am not surprised the Australians didn't believe you, Pina...we have nothing like that landscape here!! Although, I have to admit, *I* am always grateful for local knowledge... And, recently, you may have heard that one of our politicians got lost while out hiking and fell down the side of a mountain (he is ok), so you'd think Australians *would* take some heed!!

Pina said...

:) Oh, don't get me wrong, there are problems with many tourists hiking in the mountains. The most problematic are Czechs, I guess, too many died in the recent years in our mountains because of their recklessness.

paperseed said...

What an incredible place! You find some of the most wonderful places to visit.