Friday, September 18, 2009


Let me tell you a true story.

A boy came to a room where two girls were playing. At that moment he spotted a chimney sweep on one of the roofs, sweeping a chimney. As it is considered good luck if you grab your button when you see a chimney sweep, he did right that. One girl did the same and the other one asked what they were doing.

»Come, look, there he is!« boy shouted. She came close to the window and spotted the man, too.

»Grab your button,« boy said nervously.
So she did, and asked: »What now?«

»Now your button won't fall off,« he replied and left the room.

This happened on Wednesday in my office. I laughed out loud when I remembered this in the evening lying in bed. And I admit, I always grab a button when I see a chimney sweep.

P.s.: I drew ladybug on a photo in 2007 for a wedding card. Ladybug is considered a symbol for happiness, fertility and good luck. A couple who received this card got married on 07.07.07 and they have two children now, one being born in August this year. Lucky people.

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Feronia said...

LOL! That's a very good story, Pina, and possibly tells us a bit about superstitions!