Friday, September 25, 2009


B brought Waldorf pedagogics and Anthroposophy into my life. Then I started to eat such food that I had always longed for. At home we had lots of potatoes and pork meat, while living with B changed that completely. I have been eating potatoes since then about three times a year, we ate only poultry, maybe once a month. We had all sorts of wheats and vegetables on our menu and soups as well. Sure we were eating too many sweets... It is interesting, that we both liked the same food. We both didn't like paprika and pears, our favorite juice was banana juice.Each day we lit a candle when having a meal, held our hands and said a verse to thank Earth and Sun for the food. We didn't read newspaper or books while eating. We were really enjoying each meal.

Today my life is quite different from that one with B. Usually I eat my meals alone and I've completely forgotten about such peaceful time. But I did remember and said that verse again last week, although I was eating from my lap, my house being in such a mess. So it goes:

Pozimi živijo semena v zemlji.

Spomladi in poleti rastejo listi in cvetovi.

Potem dozorijo plodovi.

Hvala Zemlji, ki nas hrani, hvala Soncu, ki življenje v zemlji drami.

This verse is in Slovenian and I will not translate it. English ones can be found on Waldorf mama blog. However, having my meal, made of vegetables from my own garden, looking at the flowers blooming in the backyard and enjoying warmth of the sun makes me feel content and at ease. No doubt that the Universe is unfolding as it should.

P.s.: That paper object on a photo is Flexagon (Kaleidocycle).

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Have a peaceful weekend, nice post and I enjoyed Waldorfmamma too.