Friday, October 9, 2009

Autumn beauties

I didn't take many photos during last week. Staying at home gets boring, especially if you have to rest. I like Indian summer, like these warm days of autumn are called. Temperatures over 25 degrees Celsius, clear blue sky, and abundance of bright colors in front of the gardens. Let me share some of them with you.Pumpkins will soon replace these beauties, and my door will get some other decoration. Orange will be the color of late October and November around my home.


Feronia said...

Hi Pina,

I have a award for you!:

Feronia :)

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are beautiful. It is already cold and blustery here - around 42 every day so far this week. We turned the furnace on last Saturday. Take care, ( - :

Anonymous said...

Pina where art thou? Happy Autumn.

My Owl Barn said...

These are some nice colors before everything is taken over by orange.