Thursday, October 22, 2009


The researchers note in their paper, that Champagne potentially produces on the order of 100 million bubbles per bottle.

~New York Times~

Reading articles like that I wonder about the jobs that human beings have invented. Researching Champagne bubbles…

Are you happy with your job? I have to say for myself, that at the moment I am quite content with what I do, and I like spending time with my co-workers. Finally I feel that I do something good for people and for nature as well.

I spoke to my brother a few days ago, and he will be jobless on the first day of 2010. In spite of this he believes that this had to happen, so that better things will come into his life. I believe the same, too, for my own life. Let me borrow another quotation from an article in New York Times paper, told by Professor Peter Warr: “On the way to happiness, there must be unhappiness.”



Feronia said...

I am trying to be more content with my job - things have gone a little awry professionally during this last year-and-a-half.

Buddha said: "Suffering I teach - and the way out of suffering". I *think* what he's getting at is that there is, by definition, suffering in life, but if you accept that as a part of life rather than fighting it, you will -ultimately - find happiness. A tough idea, but an interesting one.

Pina said...

Yes, very interesting. The truth is that we do shape our lives, but sometimes things come upon us unsuspected (like sudden accident or similar).

I hope that you will soon find the right path yourself, Emily. :)

Kari said...

I haven't worked outside the home for the past eleven years. But, when I did work as a nurse, I enjoyed most of it. I loved taking care of elderly people - whether they were sweet and friendly or old and grumpy, I loved them.

I'm glad you are happy with your work.

Pina said...

I hope you will soon find a job, Kari. If you lived here in Slovenia, you would have no problems with that; nurses are searched for as pure gold. The other day, when I was in a hospital, each and every one of them was nice to me, and I appreciated that so much.

I guess big changes in our lives really do come when we are about 40. :) I just wish they were good ones.

marisa said...

interesting + thought provoking quotes. thanks for sharing.