Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Today it snows in some parts of Slovenia; we had a short snow shower about an hour ago in Ljubljana, too. It was quite unusual to see a car, covered by snow this morning when I was driving to work. I promised myself to go out more often this winter. My wish is to ski again, and to buy myself new sledges, as the ones I have are too big for me. I should have some fun in the months that are yet to come.

This morning we had a chat with my colleagues, and it felt so cozy talking about all sorts of things, laughing, enjoying ourselves. Of course, we had coffee and tea while chatting. This is what we drink sometimes:Overpriced; shops earn lots of money by selling that. I was checking the prices yesterday in the shop, prices of cocoa, hot chocolate and coffee. All are very expensive if they are imported. Though sometimes we should indulge in such (expensive) things, as we have only one life to live.

Enjoy yourself today!


Piščanček said...

Bravo, Pina!
Mene so o drobnih hedonističnih užitkih učile starejše prijateljice :-)

In ravno v soboto sem nama privoščila i l l y
Ni tako nobel kava, kot izgleda tvoja na fotki, je pa več, kot si sicer privoščiva.

Pina said...

O, tudi illy je fensi kava, kakor mi je znano! :)