Monday, November 2, 2009

Festival of colors

I have to admit that I have never before noticed that the colors of autumn were so beautiful like they are this year. Every year when when my life is almost unbearable, nature shows its most beautiful colors. Not only colors, but the weather in such years is always excellent.
I have taken less than twenty photos in October, but I did take 220 of them this weekend. Fog in the lowlands brought me to the places where trees don't grow anymore, to where my heart always rejoices, and where you can always see me with a broad smile on my face. Always.

Let me share with you some photos from there, from my favorite places on the Earth.My favorite spots, some of them still not visited, like the highest mountain in Slovenia (the one covered by snow):Yesterday I took a path not far from my home (well, I had to drive up the hill first), through the woods which are still showing their most beautiful colors. I was completely alone, if I don't count numerous birds and probably some bears and foxes near by. :) It is amazing how a beautiful blue sky can bring warmth to someone's soul, in spite of a shattered life. I hope you had a nice weekend, too.

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Kačja pastirica said...

Čudovit konec tedna je bil, tudi sama sem naredila ogromno fotografij. Narava je tako čudovita v tem letnem času, da duša kar ne more biti žalostna.