Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love stamps

Last year I gave away a few love stamps, and as Valentine's day is approaching, I will give one away also this year. Leave a comment today to enter to win, telling me your karma of this day. The winner (if there is any at all, of course) will be chosen on Tuesday noon, as there is a national holiday on Monday and I won't be behind the screen then.

Karma for today: Be gentle, be kind, be thoughtful, be caring, be compassionate, be fair, be generous.


Kari said...

I was lucky enough to win your stamp giveaway last year. So, you don't have to enter me this time around, let someone else win. But, just wanted to say that this year's stamp is adorable! Do you collect stamps?

My karma for today: Have patience!

paperseed said...

For me today: To be accepting of a new change.

Feronia said...

I won a lovely stamp last year too, Pina, so do let someone else win this year. Just wanted to send along my favourite from the Dalai Lama: Be kind whenever possible, and it is always possible.

Piščanček said...

Še jaz, še jaz
p r o s i m :-)

Piščanček said...

My guarding angel reminded me to add some thought. It's Annie Dillard's:
"Spend the afternoon.
You can't take it with you."

(Annie Dillard, 1945-, Pulitzer Prize winning American author)

Pina said...

Kari, I collect only nice stamps. Although, I rarely look at them, having so many other things happening in my life.

Thanks girls for your karma thoughts, I like them all a lot. I think that Kari's is the one I need to follow right now. :)